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To DASH or not to DASH

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What is the DASH?  The DASH is a bi-annual bridal dress clearance sale designed to afford brides the opportunity to purchase a wedding gown at tremendous savings. The inventory consists of wedding gowns that have been discontinued by the manufacturer for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s to make room for new trends in the marketplace, and other times production of the gown may be cost prohibitive, or there was just a general lack of sales. In any case, there is only one piece of a gown in a particular color, style, and size which limits its ability to be sold, thus the reduced price on the gown. 


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Don’t Rule These Styles Out!

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 Original Drawings by Catie Stricker-Howell (Catie the Sketch Lady)



I can’t wear a ball gown. I’m too petite!” 


Actually, a ball gown is very flattering on a petite girl. Once the dress is hemmed, a petite figure can own this silhouette. If the dress still seems overwhelming, some of the crinoline lining the skirt can be removed to cut down on the volume. With ball gowns, it’s more about proportion than body type; and they are actually flattering on most body shapes. Ball gowns accentuate the bust and the waist of most figures while hiding what could be larger hips that may be out of proportion with a woman’s upper half. Some think that the full skirt makes them look hippy, while, in actuality, it hides larger hips. Sometimes a dropped waist on a ball gown will dispel this thought because it accents a beautiful figure while still hiding the lower hips. This special occasion may be the only time you get to wear a ball gown and be a “Princess”, so don’t rule this style out.

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Romance Weddings and Warnings

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Romance and weddings have always gone hand in hand, and today’s brides are no exception. The way we translate that romance, however, into gown shopping has changed. Soft lace and modest cuts have replaced the glitzy bodices and full ball gown skirts. Fabrics are lighter and some designs more architectural in appearance. Straps and sleeves are requested at the onset of the search for the perfect gown.

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Custom Bridal Gowns

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If you are having a difficult time finding a dress with everything you want, consider working with a company like Casablanca or Jasmine that will do “custom” work on their wedding gowns. Some of the changes that can be made are neckline changes, length of train, addition or deletion of embroidery and/or beading, adding sleeves of various fabrics and lengths, etc. Your consultant will be happy to assist you in this process.


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