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Only If You Want To

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If you choose to have a ring bearer in your party, make sure that he is a willing participant. Oftentimes he is too young or emotionally not ready to handle all the festivities without a break down. Also, not all children are meant to be flower girls or ring bearers. If the child is adamantly resistant to the idea, or is exceedingly shy, it may be best to find a substitute that will enjoy the whole process.


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Romance Weddings and Warnings

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Romance and weddings have always gone hand in hand, and today’s brides are no exception. The way we translate that romance, however, into gown shopping has changed. Soft lace and modest cuts have replaced the glitzy bodices and full ball gown skirts. Fabrics are lighter and some designs more architectural in appearance. Straps and sleeves are requested at the onset of the search for the perfect gown.

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