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To DASH or not to DASH

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What is the DASH?  The DASH is a bi-annual bridal dress clearance sale designed to afford brides the opportunity to purchase a wedding gown at tremendous savings. The inventory consists of wedding gowns that have been discontinued by the manufacturer for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s to make room for new trends in the marketplace, and other times production of the gown may be cost prohibitive, or there was just a general lack of sales. In any case, there is only one piece of a gown in a particular color, style, and size which limits its ability to be sold, thus the reduced price on the gown. 


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Bridesmaid Dresses - Where Do You Begin?

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Every bride has an image of what her wedding day will be and how it will look. The bride’s dress really sets a tone for the rest of the wedding party and for the decorations. Once you have asked people to be in your wedding party and they have accepted, it is important to allow yourself and your party sufficient time to find the dress (or dresses) for your special day. The color of their dresses should be determined by the bride, whether it is one particular color or shades of a color.