Cancellation Policy

1. Special Orders: Special Orders cannot be cancelled. The customer is responsible for payment and pick up of the order upon receipt by the store. In the case of a wedding cancellation, the Bride will be responsible for the payment of her order (s) and the orders of her bridesmaids.

2. Tuxedo Orders : If the tuxedos have been received by the store, the Groom is responsible for the full payment of all the tuxes in his wedding party. A cancellation fee of $50/tuxedo will be assessed if we are able to cancel the shipment in a timely manner.

3. Layaways : Layaways may only be exchanged for another item in the store, at which time a re-stocking fee will be assessed as follows:

Wedding gowns: $100

Prom Dresses: $75

Other items: $50

While a garment has been sitting in layaway, the store has been unable to sell that = particular garment , and because of the seasonality of the garments, the window of opportunity to sell that garment may pass.

4. Prom dresses: During Prom Season, we register a girl’s dress once she orders or places a stock dress on layaway. We do not sell the same dress in the same color to any other girl attending her event. If the customer decides she wants to cancel her layaway, we may have lost the opportunity to sell that dress to another girl from her school.