Alterations Policy

1. Social Occasion dresses usually require alterations.

2. Alterations are an additional charge.

3. You may use the seamstress or tailor of your choice.

4. Garments must be paid in full before alterations can be done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need alterations when I was measured for my dress?
Dresses are not made to your measurements. Your measurements are used to compare to a size chart provided by each company. We try to fit your measurements as close as possible to that particular company’s chart.

Do you have a seamstress that works for the store?
No, we do not. Seamstresses are independent contractors. However, there are seamstresses who will come in and pin for alterations as a service to our customers. If you prefer to have someone else do your alterations, you are welcome to do so.

Can I charge the alterations on my charge card?
NO! You may pay the seamstress in Cash Only.

How do I know the seamstress will do a good job?
As with any major purchase, obtain referrals and ask for references from the seamstress you choose, before the work is done.

What should I bring with me for my appointment with the seamstress?
While the seamstress is fitting your garment, it is extremely important to wear the undergarments and shoes you intend to wear with it. The seamstress will not pin your hem with substitute shoes.

When will my garment be ready after the seamstress pins it?
Please discuss with the seamstress, at the time of your appointment, when you need the dress. If you need a rush on a fitting, there is usually an extra charge, so please try to make your appointment to allow the seamstress plenty of time to do your alterations. The seamstress may call you when your alterations are completed or she may give you a specific date that it will be returned to the store.

Will my garment be pressed when I pick it up?
To ensure that your garment will be pressed when you pick it up, please call the store and let us know the pick-up date. The garment will be pressed and ready for you!