Measurements, Sizing, and Fittings Policy

Measuring: the act of ascertaining the dimensions of a person. We measure bust, waist, and hips, which helps us to determine the size garment that should be ordered. Sometimes we take a measurement called hollow to hem, which is used to determine the length of a wedding gown if a company does special cuts or measurements.

Sizing: matching the measurements taken to a specific company’s size chart and choosing an appropriate size. Often, one’s measurements do not match exactly with a company’s size chart, but the size which fits the largest measurement and/or is expected to require the least amount of alterations is chosen


Fitting: a seamstress makes appropriate changes to your garment to fit your body. Some seamstresses use pins to mark the garment, others use chalk and pins.

We cannot be responsible for weight gain, weight loss, or for pregnancies that occur before your event.