What is the DASH?  The DASH is a bi-annual bridal dress clearance sale designed to afford brides the opportunity to purchase a wedding gown at tremendous savings. The inventory consists of wedding gowns that have been discontinued by the manufacturer for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s to make room for new trends in the marketplace, and other times production of the gown may be cost prohibitive, or there was just a general lack of sales. In any case, there is only one piece of a gown in a particular color, style, and size which limits its ability to be sold, thus the reduced price on the gown. 


Most sales of this type have the reputation of being free-for-alls and quite rowdy with shoving, pushing, and hoarding dresses. Deidre’s Dash for the Dress is quite civilized in comparison. Brides and their entourage are treated to refreshments before the event, a Free Dash Raffle, gift bags with a variety of coupons, plus Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses at substantial savings as well as a variety of bridesmaids’ dresses. Dressing rooms are set up and our staff is on hand to help you find your dream dress. Dresses are organized by size so a bride can easily find dresses to try on. Some brides make an appointment in the store weeks before the Dash to find their dress and then attend the Dash to see if there is anything that trumps their number one choice in the store.


It is recommended that you wear something comfortable and easy to manage to try dresses on. Wear a sports bra or swim suit so you can change in and out of gowns as quickly as possible and leave your handbag at home or pack light for the day, so you don’t have to worry about anything but finding your dream dress.


The sale starts at 8:00 am, so if you want to be one of the first through the doors, plan on arriving well before then. Of course, not everyone wants to deal with the 8:00 am rush. The sale continues until 3 pm and starting around 11:00 am you’ll see dresses going back on the racks and the scene will be calmer. Arrive anytime you like before 3, we will still have plenty of beautiful gowns to choose from.


At the Dash, we often have an extra special offer for the brides who do not find their dream dress because of the wrong size or color. Occasionally, we have a special group of dresses that are on sale that you can order in your size and color so there is another opportunity to find that special dress and still take advantage of sale prices.


All in all, it is a fun experience and worth your time and effort to attend.


The next Dash for the Dress will be held on Saturday, November 10th in the event rooms opposite the Ballroom on the 2nd floor of the Berkshire Plaza Hotel (1 West Street in Pittsfield, MA). Click for more details and registration!


By Deidre Torra