Original Drawings by Catie Stricker-Howell (Catie the Sketch Lady)


How do I create the perfect look for my wedding?


The perfect look always starts with the bride’s gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses, as they help determine the color of the tuxedos and the accessories. Venue and time of year also play a large role in what your guys will be wearing. At an outdoor venue during the warmer seasons, lighter colors always look cool, but don’t forget about navy and charcoal. Both colors are very neutral and with the new “superfine” fabrics available, they are just as practical as lighter colors such as sand and silver gray.


Beach Weddings


For a beach wedding there are many options for the groom and groomsmen. Depending on the formality of the wedding and time of day, oftentimes the wedding party will eliminate the use of a jacket. Other times, a full suit with no vest or tie is chosen. For those who relish the island way of life and want to immerse themselves into it, they may choose “Hawaiian” shirts and linen shorts or pants. “The rules” were made to be broken in today’s weddings, which are often a reflection of the couples’ personalities.


Outdoor Weddings (Backyard, vineyard, rustic retreats, mountain tops)


Most of these weddings denote a more casual appearance, although that is not always the case. The biggest concern at outdoor venues is the comfort of the wedding party and guests, and, again, time of year. During warm weather it is inevitable that the men will remove their jackets, but with a full back vest underneath, they will still look put together, yet be more comfortable. The full back vest will allow the bridal couple to have stylish photos for their big day even if the jackets come off.


Indoor Venues


Anything goes at an indoor venue, although most are a little more formal than outdoor ones. The fashion at an indoor venue should still reflect the taste of the bridal couple. One fun-loving, more casual look could be fancy suspenders with a matching bow tie and no jacket. Most of us are familiar with the traditional tuxedo, vest and tie. Another option could be having the bridal party purchase a 3-piece suit. These suits are available through the tuxedo companies and are usually available in the more popular colors such as black, navy, gray, and tan. The purchase price rivals that of a rental but the groomsmen will own the suit after the wedding. The suits usually require professional alteration and the possible purchase of accessories; although the shirt, tie, pocket square, and shoes may still be rented for the event. The purchase of these accessories would make a great gift for the groomsmen.


Trending Styles 


Trim Fit Tuxedos are certainly trending right now and are perfect for the athletic and more slender physiques. They are a reflection of the current menswear market but not always appropriate for the larger man. Traditional style tuxedos offer a little more room in the jacket for the larger man including room in the shoulders and around the midsection. The Skinny Tux has tighter pants and a very fitted jacket making it suitable for only a smaller segment of the population. It is definitely a younger look and maybe should be left to the high school proms.


The addition of navy, cobalt, and burgundy colors has added some excitement to the tuxedo market to join black and gray houndstooth. These new colors may not be for everyone, but for some, it is an expression of their individuality. Add to that, the introduction of florals and combinations of paisley and floral, and the groom has a few more options to create the perfect look for their “Special Day”.


By Deidre Torra