Don’t take a chance with the most important dress purchase of your life. Please check out the information and updates below.

Facts from the A.B.P.I.A.’s Latest Update

1. The American Bridal and Prom Industry Association (ABPIA) is continuing the fight against counterfeiters. In 2015, President Steve Lang reported that there were over 1,500 websites locked up per Federal Court Order.

2. Plans are to submit 1,500 more counterfeit sites over the next several months.

3. The Federal Court Order effectively locks up offending domains, freezes their financial assets, and stops them from using unauthorized intellectual property.

4. The A.B.P.I.A has lobbied support from Washington and has won the backing of Senator Robert Menendez. He is working with the ABPIA toward the ultimate goal of creating future legislation to protect consumers and the industry.

Some Background Information on the A.B.P.I.A.

1. Governmental investigations have revealed that online shopping has proven more dangerous than ever to Prom and Bridal consumers.

2. The A.B.P.I.A. and the U.S. Government, are working together to inform the public of the illegal actions of counterfeit websites flooding the internet and offering and/or guaranteeing garments for deceptively enticing prices.

3. The web sites are using the designers’ copyrighted photos without permission. If and when consumers receive any garments at all….they are receiving poor quality, inferior replicas made in China.

4. Online shoppers are not only losing the entire amount paid for their garments, but are often charged bogus fees “guaranteeing arrival dates” and required to pay additional taxes on their garments that NEVER arrive.

5. The A.B.P.I.A. won a lawsuit over these counterfeit web sites. PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Google have all been contacted and advised of this lawsuit. The U.S Customs, Homeland Security and the A.B.P.I.A. are now working in partnership to seize, destroy, and stop the shipments containing these dresses. You will NOT be informed by the seller, Homeland Security or U.S. Customs that your money is gone or that the dress is not coming!

6. If it looks too good to be true, it is! Authorized dealers must adhere to a Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Dresses with an unrealistic discount are either illegally discounted or are counterfeit fashion items.

7. Lastly, identity theft and distribution of your financial and/or personal information are a reality when shared with a fraudulent seller. The best advice is to buy from an authorized retailer that will ensure a genuine designer gown.

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